The Foundation’s approach will facilitate effective communication between the research community and agriculture developers and users. This will help USDA, corporate, and university researchers align their efforts toward rapid and timely technology developments. The Foundation will serve its partners and stakeholders through: (1) enabling them to test and evaluate research ideas by helping them gain access to research, technologies, and facilities that are designated for agricultural development; (2) identifying research funding and resource opportunities pertaining to the Foundation; (3) by helping establish strong teams to respond to RFPs (Requests For Proposal); and (4) enabling teams to develop funded research efforts.

Workforce Development & Training


From a workforce perspective, the Foundation will focus on fostering the training curriculum and capacity that will be needed for the growth of the industry, working with and through the National Institute for Food & Agriculture (NIFA), the Agriculture Extension Service, and participating Land Grant Universities. In addition, the Foundation anticipates seeking funding assistance from the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as State and local workforce investment boards.

Accounting, Research agreements and Flow of Funding

All in-coming funds to the Foundation received from USDA and all out-going funds from the Foundation to the USDA will be managed in accordance with USDA policy, under standard USDA agreements. 

The Foundation  will execute Foundation funded/sponsored/managed grant agreements for proposals selected for awards.