The ATIP Foundation’s purpose is to serve as a catalyst for the adoption and commercialization of USDA research outcomes.  The Foundation supports a strategic approach to the formation of collaborative partnerships, facilitating and enabling the integration of industry, academic, and government research and discovery with venture capital and talent & know how.

The ATIP Foundation’s work is national, regional, and local in scope, premised on the concept that our future economic sustainability is dependent upon fostering collaboration among our nation’s federal labs, research oriented universities, technology focused economic development entities, venture capital, and business and industry; resulting in greater affordability, reliability, and efficiency for all parties.  


The ATIP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity with its offices in Arlington, Texas and member offices in eight states.  It is governed by its members comprised of  its founding economic development organizations: the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO); Innovate Mississippi; the Wisconsin Security Research Consortium; the Georgia Research Alliance; the California Association for Local Economic Development; the Kansas Bioscience Authority; the Center for Innovation at Arlington, Texas; and the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) in Toledo, Ohio. Each member of the Foundation originally also had a separate partnership intermediary agreement with ARS (through 2012).