This Library includes articles, items, URL-links, and presentations to inform and create awareness on what “biochar” is, what environmental issues it addresses, and how direct production and applications of biochar and its co-products can benefit communities in terms of job creation, economic opportunity, environmental enhancement, water and soil remediation of contaminants, and social well-being, as well as specific resources (federal and state) that are available under competitive funding programs. 

Included in these postings are highlights of the Biochar 2018 Conference, convened in Wilmington, DE on August 20-23, attended by thousands of persons (nationally and internationally) that are engaged in virtually every aspect of the biochar economy.  Two representatives of the ATIP Foundation attended and participated in the conference.  The Foundation has downloaded several presentations that we feel are pertinent to the TX Biochar Initiative.  These have been arranged under the structure provided by the Final Agenda of the conference (also included below).  We would suggest that you first download the Agenda, then navigate to the folders that contain presentations referenced in the Agenda.

On October 15-18, the BioCycle REFOR18 Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling Conference was convened in Raleigh, NC. In particular, two presentations stood out as relevant to the TX Biochar Initiative. They are also accessible below.

Biochar 2018 Conference:


Biochar 2018 Final Agenda.pdf

Logo of conference.PNG

Additionally, here are some websites describing successful start-ups on biochar in communities:

1.       Agri-Tech Producers LLC-

2.       Biochar Now-

3.       Oregon Biochar Solutions-

4.       NextChar-

5.       Cool Planet-

6.       FEECO International-

7.       ICM, Inc.

8.       EcoChar Inc.- 

9.       PYREG-

10.   OrganiLock-

Agencies of relevance to TX Biochar Initiative

References to federal and state programs that can support biochar initiatives through competitive grant opportunities:

Rural Energy for America Program Grant and Loan Guarantee:

Biorefinery, renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Program

Business and Industry Loan Guarantee

Value Added Producer Grant

Environmental Quality Incentive Program

Conservation Innovation Grant

Biomass Research and Development Initiative