The formation of the ATIP Foundation on June 24, 2011 is viewed as one the most significant events in the history of USDA technology transfer, in terms of its potential impact on the economic growth and viability of the agricultural sector in the U.S.  It is seen as a foundation for the capability to move USDA funded technology discoveries to the marketplace.

In recent years, the global agricultural marketplace has changed. Today, U.S. Agriculture competes in a globally competitive yet integrated, knowledge based, innovation driven economy.  Remaining competitive, therefore, requires that we re-position the U.S. agriculture industry as a leader in research and innovation, resulting in commercializable discoveries, applicable to enhanced agricultural production and yield, as well as agricultural related products.

Doing so will require two things:  (1) new models, that can enable USDA to remain a global leader, enabling and supporting the collaboration of existing agricultural stakeholders, rather than the creation of new organizations; and (2) new ways of thinking, in support of those collaborations.