Biochar 2018: Environmental Sessions

Below is a list of presentations made at the Biochar 2018 Conference on Environmental issues relevant and of interest to the TX Biochar Initiative.

  • Effective Activation and Modification of Biochar for Sustainable water_energy_food nexus —- Baharak Sajjadi. This presentation prescribes some conditions for use of biochar (see slide# 27):

    • Contrarily to traditional carbon activation at high temperatures (>600C), all stages of the ultrasono/Photo/chemical activation are conducted at low temperatures which demonstrate that this type pf activation is a feasible strategy for enhancing the adsorption capacity of biochar.

    • Although, ultrasound/Photo assisted Modification/activation/functionalization of biochar appears promising, but the effects of parameters have to be investigated in the near future.

  • Biochars for Sustainable Resource Recovery and Remediation —- Bhoopeh Mishra. There are some critically important Summaries to this presentation (slide 28) that should be read by those interested in the production of biochar for further product development;

    • Biochar and Hydrochar can be created from biogenic waste (e.g., Urban and Agricultural Waste)

    • Biochar have inbuilt reductive and electron shuttling capabilities.

    • In addition, they could be engineered for enhanced uptake of specific contaminants and resources, and transform them as desired.

    • Applications include water treatment, waste management, and resource recovery (e.g., recovery of Au from industrial waste water).

    • If converted to real time use, this could be first step towards truly circular economy and sustainable society.