A Partnership for Public Health: Branded Food Products Database (archival, 2013-2015)

Assessing the nutritional health of the American people depends on accurate and comprehensive data regarding the nutrient composition of commonly consumed foods. USDA maintains a National Nutrient Database of the composition of such foods, and although the food industry has compositional data for their own products, very little of that data is publicly available through the database. Accordingly, the USDA/ARS, the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) North America and the ATIP (Agricultural Technology Innovation Partnership) Foundation have formed a Public-Private Partnership to enhance public health by augmenting the USDA National Nutrient Database with “nutrient composition of branded foods and private label” data provided by the food industry. This partnership will ensure this information will be made available to those who utilize such data including the government, the scientific community, proprietary end users, and the food industry.

“A Partnership for Public Health: Branded Food Products Database” Public-Private Partnership worked with GS1 US to utilize GS1 standards for the identification of products and collection of product information.  For more information about GS1 Standards, please visit www.gs1us.org.